72 Hours in Sandals (A Vinnie Penn Novella)

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Intending to finally get to the truth behind the lies of her past, Bailey only finds more questions when bodies are discovered near her cabin hideout along with traces of a dangerous human trafficking ring. Ellie Blackmore is making a name for herself as a house flipper.

But when her sister Mackenzie disappears, Ellie can't focus on anything but uncovering what happened. Her only clue is the bloodstain on the deck of Mackenzie's boat. Richard Sharpe faces the bloodiest battle of his career——for Toulouse, his last battle before he lays down his sword. But he is unaware of another battle looming——a consignment of Napolean's treasure is stolen and damning evidence against Sharpe is constructed. He must trace those responsible to take his revenge Lieutenant Sharpe and his team of riflemen find themselves cut off from the rest of the army and are surrounded by enemy troops.

Help comes in the unlikely form of a Spanish cavalry officer who, unknown to Sharpe, plans to lead a suicidal assault on the holy city of Santiago de Compostela against overwhelming French numbers.

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But his voyage is interrupted by the French warship, 'The Revenant', carrying a secret treaty. Unintentionally, Sharpe ends up in the middle of one of the most momentous naval battles of all time, Trafalgar, as the combined fleets of Spain and France face up against Nelson's English navy. The Battle of Waterloo commences and sidelined, it seems as if Sharpe must stand by and watch the grandest scale of military folly.

But at the height of battle, as victory seems impossible, Sharpe seizes command and the battle becomes his most magnificent triumph. Sharpe is ordered to join the hunt for the renegade Englishman, a hunt which ends at the village of Assaye, where the British find themselves outnumbered and outgunned by the Mahratta horde, in a fight for their lives Sharpe's job as Captain of the Light Company is under threat and he has made a new enemy, a Portuguese criminal known as Ferragus.

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Discarded by his regiment, Sharpe wages a private war against Ferragus——a war fought through the burning, pillaged streets of Coimbra. But through the reckless incompetence of a naval commander, Sharpe finds himself abandoned in enemy territory. He has no choice but to trust his fortunes to an American privateer——a man who has no love for the British invaders.

So when Meredith wins a VIP holiday at Barcelona's hippest new hotel, they plan to sip champagne with the jet set and party. But when the worst crisis of her working life erupts, Imogen has to juggle her BlackBerry with a Manhattan. Between a robbery and an encounter on a nudist beach, the friends stumble from one disaster to the next. The interrogation. Chalk and cheese coppers Max Matthews and Sean Armitage are from different generations and different worlds, but together they make a remarkable team.

In this powerful, unconventional police procedural, we join the detective duo in the interview room, as they practise their unique style of interrogation in a bid to extract a confession. When two wealthy couples commit suicide one right after the other, he suspects it isn't suicide, but murder. He must find who was behind it, and how they did it. Nasir is the Prince of Death, assassinating those foolish enough to defy his autocratic father, the king. If Zafira was exposed as a girl, her achievements would be rejected; if Nasir displayed compassion, his father would brutally punish him.

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When Ms. Twohey announces that her class is going on a trip to the History Museum, Stewart is worried he's in for another long day of facts and learning.

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But nothing can be boring when you have two dogs in a trench coat along with you. Just hope they don't get too close to those huge dinosaur bones. Domestic science. Featuring Matt Parker, Steve Mould and Helen Arney as Festival of the Spoken Nerd, these 8 episodes use stand—up, songs and experiments to investigate the world around us with a level of scientific accuracy not normally found in your average comedy series. It's a road trip.

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After months of searching, presuming she was dead, Keisha held a funeral, mourned, and gradually tried to get on with her life. But that was before Keisha started to see her wife, again and again, in the background of news reports from all over America. At M's request, Bond begins his investigation with Sir Hugo Drax, the leading card shark at M's club, who is also the head of the Moonraker project. But once Bond delves deeper into the goings—on at the Moonraker base, he discovers that both the project and its leader are something other than they appear to be.

She tells her daughter to wait patiently while she calls the police, but when she reaches the phone box Eva dials another number altogether. The dead man, Egil, has been missing for months, and it doesn't take long for Inspector Sejer and his team to establish that he was the victim of a very violent killer. But the trail has gone cold. Juniper French was born four months early, at twenty—three weeks gestation. She weighed one pound, four ounces, and her twiggy body was the length of a Barbie doll. Her head was smaller than a tennis ball, her skin was nearly translucent, and through her chest you could see her flickering heart.

Stockholm Criminal Investigator Conny S Joberg finds a mother and her two young children lying peacefully in bed, their throats coldly and efficiently cut and no signs of a struggle. As Conny and his team get to work they draw a blank on both motive and suspect for these cruel, senseless murders. The only lead they have is a mysterious benefactor of the family who eludes their every search.

Seeing all the gloomy, pale faces surrounding him, he feels satisfaction. After all he's successful, happily married, and the father of three children. Unbeknown to him he is being watched by another passenger. In a short space of time, several bestial murders occur in central Stockholm. Criminal investigator Conny Sjoberg and the Hammarby police begin to suspect that there's a link.

By the time it has lifted next morning a woman lies murdered in Green Park. Allegra Benedict was the beautiful Italian wife of an art dealer in Piccadilly. When old Monty Bickerstaffe finds a dead body in his drawing room it comes as a nasty surprise — the first of many. Monty lives alone in a crumbling Cotswold manor house and the last thing he wants is the police sniffing around his property. Not that he has anything to hide The identity of the corpse and how and why it was left in Monty's home remain a mystery.

In the cold light of dawn, a dead body is found entombed in the smouldering remains of a burnt—out Cotswold manor. Key House has stood empty for years, but its owner, Gervase Crown, is rumoured to have been seen in Weston St Ambrose prior to the blaze. Little is known about the elusive man.

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And some were never meant to die. Wendy is on a quest for vengeance after Hook kidnapped the lost boys and destroyed their school. Stuck as a shadow, Peter's body is weakening because each time he dies and regenerates may be his last. Meanwhile, Wendy is running out of time to track down Hook, save the boys, and rescue Peter before he's lost as a shadow forever.

But a surprising clue leads to the mysterious island where it all began. In a country teetering on the brink of civil war, two young people meet——sensual, fiercely independent Nadia and gentle, restrained Saeed. They embark on a furtive love affair, and are soon cloistered in a premature intimacy by the unrest roiling their city. It is only be a matter of time before the U. In the town of Hope River, midwife Patience Hester's husband, Daniel has vowed never to take up arms again; he saw too much bloodshed during the First World War.

When Vianne Rocher receives a letter from beyond the grave, she has no choice but to follow the wind that blows her back to Lansquenet, the village in south—west France where, eight years ago, she opened up a chocolate shop. But Vianne is completely unprepared for what she finds there. Though now a freelance travel writer, the one place she rarely goes is home——until she learns of her dad's failing health. Returning to Watersend means seeing the sister she has avoided for a decade and the brother who runs their family's Irish pub——and who has borne the burden of his sisters' rift.

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Bombs have gradually destroyed the huts and temple. Recently, soldiers marched into town and burned all the rice seed. Now with nothing to eat, Dara and her family are walking to the border. They have heard of a refugee camp near Thailand, far away from danger. The camp is even better than Dara expected. She has all the food she wants and makes wonderful new friends. Most of all, she finally feels safe.

The dragons and their keepers have discovered Kelsingra but so far only Heeby has succeeded in flying over the river to enter the fabled city.

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The other dragons, with their deformed wings and feeble muscles, are afraid to risk failure and humiliation. But wondrous things await in Kelsingra, a city built for dragons and their Elderling keepers. Alise, overwhelmed by the treasures she finds there, records her finds for posterity. Nazi Germany has invaded neutral Norway. Fleeing north from their brutal Blitzkrieg advance are three officers of the King's Guard — men who have been entrusted by the Norwegian King with a vitally important mission: to get leading scientist, Hening Sandvold, out of Oslo and away to the safety of the Allies.

Sergeant Jack Tanner has been posted to a training company on the south—east coast of England. But all is not well in the camp. The mysterious death of two Polish refugees leads Tanner to believe there has been foul play. When he and his corporal, Stan Sykes, are nearly killed, Tanner finds his suspicions directed at an old comrade from his early days in the army. There is trouble for Jack Tanner.