Anthropology and Religion: What We Know, Think, and Question

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Tylor, James Frazer, E. The positivistic and empiricist assumptions of Tylor and Frazer led to a marginalization of theology as an appropriate collaborative discipline. However, the openness of Evans-Pritchard, Douglas, and the Turners allowed theology and their personal faith to influence their anthropological theories.

Anthropology and Religion - What We Know, Think, and Question (Paperback)

This resulted in the emergence of creative anthropological theories. While the history of engagement between anthropology and theology is complicated, anthropologists and theologians are now rethinking the possibilities of theology and anthropology reengaging and are well on their way to forging new paths for a theologically engaged anthropology.

Examples can be found at three research centers dedicated to bringing together anthropologists and theologians to work collaboratively. Third, the Center for Theology, Science and Human Flourishing at the University of Notre Dame places a major focus on pairing theologians with evolutionary anthropologists in order to stimulate new areas of research. The work of these centers and a growing body of literature suggests that the time is right for a reengagement between theology and anthropology. A thorough reading of these three bibliographies reveals significant overlaps with anthropology and theology.

Wason highlights the importance of a deep understanding of culture. Anthropology and Theology Davies is an early book that considers the topic of anthropology and theology. This article engages with Milbank , questions the marginalization of theology by anthropologists, and develops a preliminary outline for anthropologists to engage with theology.

Over the course of twenty chapters, anthropologists and theologians provide two theoretical frameworks with ethnographic examples that deepen the engagement between anthropology and theology. More generally, two issues of Practical Matters Martin and Whitmore dedicated to ethnography and religion reveal a rigorous research collaboration between the social sciences and theology.

Davies, Douglas J.

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Anthropology and theology. Oxford: Berg. An innovative study that uses common anthropological and theological topics to create a dialogue between these disciplines and demonstrates the ways anthropology and theology can enrich each other.

Fountain, Philip, and Sin Wen Lau, eds. Special issue: Anthropological theologies: Engagements and encounters. Australian Journal of Anthropology An investigation on anthropological theologies that ultimately calls for an anthropology that is open to provisional, dialogic, and potentially transformative interactions across diverse theologies, and suggests that such a move will help shed light on the possibilities of remodeling the practice of anthropology.

Martin, Lerone, and Luke Whitmore, eds. Special journal: Ethnography and theology. A special journal issue dedicated to highlighting the transformative potential of an intersected approach to ethnography and theology. Engaging the religiously committed other: Anthropologists and theologians in dialogue.

by Winzeler, Robert L

Current Anthropology DOI: A critique of the marginalization of Christian anthropologists that uses the problem of violence as an example of the need for a Christian anthropology. Merz, Johannes, and Sharon Merz. Occupying the ontological penumbra: Towards a postsecular and theologically minded anthropology. Religions 8. An important article that argues for a space for anthropologists and theologians to seriously consider the real possibility of the existence of gods, spirits, and other nonhuman entities.

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Anthropology and religion: what we know, think, and question

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Religion: definition and characteristics (Social anthropology and cultural anthropology)

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