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It was the most lonely feeling, but I was trying to be brave for my mom. The doctor brought me in to see my mom after a short time. That is when he explained to me that most likely if there was a chance for my mom to recover she would have brain damage. Of course, who ever thought that joke would actually become my reality. The rest of the day was filled with doctors asking me to sign here, sign there, consent to this and that. As I sat in the waiting room with my family I felt angry.

I knew that everyone there knew how tough my mom was and thought she would pull through. I could feel my mom was gone. I knew no one liked it when I said it, but my mom was no longer there and I knew it. Perhaps it was because of the bond we shared, I was so in tune with my mom even with the semi false hope we were receiving from the doctors I knew my mom would go to Heaven that night. Once they finally came to the conclusion there was nothing more they could do I made the decision it was time to let mom go.

I know she would be proud, I sat by her side and held her hand and kissed her head and sang her favorite song to her Delta Dawn , I promised her she would be okay and there was nothing to be scared of. The next few days were absolute hell and torture for me. The anxiety was so overwhelming. I feel so alone and so hurt. My mom, she is my everything. I have a 10 year old little girl and my mom was the most incredible Mammie you could ask for.

She helped me every single day after school with her so I could work on my career, took her camping and hiking in the summer, always sat next to me during all of my daughters games. My mom had me at 16 years old and worked so hard to provide me the best possible life she could. What was important was spending time with her family. The week before she died we took our annual vacation together with my daughter and niece. We have her services tomorrow and it makes me feel sick to my stomach. This pain is by far the worst pain you could ever imagine.

September used to be my favorite month. I feel like I am suffocating. I just want others to know you are not alone.

Kristy, Your story really brought back some sad memories. I lost sleep tonight missing my Mom and thinking about losing her in the hospital and making those horrible decisions there. Remember that. Hang in there.

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Hi Fran, thank you for your reply. It seems those sleepless nights are never ending. We were so close and she was truly my whole world. I feel like 31 was way too young to have to lose your mom. I feel very cheated. I try to remember all of the good times and appreciate the fact that I had such a wonderful mother, but it seems so unfair to have to keep living and experiencing life without her.

One day at a time. Kristy, first thank you for sharing. My mother died first and my dad died 7 days later. Everything that you have described is normal and it hurts really bad. I think about every memory from when I was a kid and I just break down. I have a 6 year old girl and just little things that she does and I do with her remind me of things my mom did with me. They say that you will never stop grieving, but that it will be less intense and less often as time goes on…having a hard time seeing that happen.

Hi Steve, I am just seeing your reply. I am sorry to hear about your parents. All we can do is try to keep going. My mother died by suicide March 20, Thank you for always doing that for me. Comfort in numbers. My Mum died from Cancer in April Ever since I have not been able to be happy. Its affecting my husband and at some point my little girl. The worst is I feel gulity when I am little happy and as such remain in a perpetual state of grimace and cynicism.

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I miss her too much and wish she were with me. I wish she thought me how to live without her….

I am sorry for your loss and your ongoing pain. My father died when I was 17 and my mother when I was 51, but my reaction was much the same, the void in your heart and life. She would want you to go on. You may recall that song from the musical Carousel. Hope for a joyful future for you and your family. And then, if there is something you can think of to help those hopes come true, work on those activities. Bless you! I Lost my mother due to my negligence and iam repenting now which is of no use.

My mother did not like the idea as she had spent 44 years of her married life with my father as sentiments were attached. I shifted the house to rented house a street away from my old house.

We did not check for Vaastu of the house. We checked only the entrance. Little did we know what was store for us at the rented house. My mother was not happy in the rented house.

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She was a self independent person who use to do all her work. I miss her each and every second of my life. I love my mummy i cant accept the fact she is not there for me, My innocent mummy believed in me but what i did is unforigveable. Please do not be guilty. I think this would have happen anyway.

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The direction of which something is built would not have effected your mum. It truly was not your fault. Your mom knows how much you loved her. It was a medical issue that caused her death.

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It would have happened no matter if you were still in her original house, or which direction things faced. Blaming yourself is normal. I blamed myself for having my mom go to dr when she was tired, and it was a Urinary tract infection. The antibiotic they put her on, Bactrim, knocked out her kidneys. She was in hospital a month, and had 7 dialysis treatments. Before she went on the antibiotic, she was active, went grocery shopping, walking easily. After 3 weeks she could no longer move her legs, just her toes.

Then i suggested that she let them put a permacath in so she could go home and continue dialysis on an outpatient basis. She went into A fib, and drs said they didnt think her heart would survive dialysis, so i brought her home and enrolled her in hospice.

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She died 11 days later. If i had just given her cranberry juice, she would probably still be here. The Bactrim killed her. Grieving for my mom has been horrendous. I lost my dad when he was 60 to lung cancer in 95, my brother at age 40 to liver cancer, another brother at age 54 to liver failure no one knew he was even sick , and then mom july 30, I handled all of the other deaths well, but i still cry over my mom.

She was my best friend and i visited with her daily. Your mum has forgiven you and accepted your apology. Your stubbornness might not forgive you, but only you can deal with it. My mom died sept 27th … She had metastatic lung cancer.. She lived 8 months. I still feel like it just happened. She was my best friend, and the only one who loved me in the family aside from dad.

I still cannot function right and see a therapist weekly. I am going to be getting divorced soon, and i think my 5 year old hates me.