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Day 9!!!!

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I'm so tired, sorry inktober inktober ink junlitober art artistofinstagram tradicionalart eggirlart eggirl alexandgianluca. Day 8!!!! Day 7!! Pine inktober ink inktober pine junlitober tradicionalart art artistofinstagram eggirlart eggirl alexandgianluca. Day 6!!!!! Day 4!!!! Day 3!!!! Day 2!!!! Inktober is here!!!!

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Day 1: Holly inktober inktober junlitober holly love kiss ink tradicionalart art artistofinstagram eggirlart eggirl. Egg is a term adopted in the trans community for trans folk before accepting themselves or 'hatching'. In my time on Reddit and Instagram, I've had a few individuals reach out to tell me that a post or photo I shared had either encouraged them to take a next step or help them understand themselves.

About six months ago, I started to keep a count I'm a nerd who loves data.

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Since March, I've helped: Almost 50 individuals come out to a loved one. As humbling as it is to know I played a small part in individuals living their happiest and most authentic life, I can't help but feel guilty. Guilty that I helped contribute to the struggles and pain that all trans folk face and guilty that their lives may never be the same. I know it's not my fault when an individual's family member doesn't accept them or when they face hardships due to being 'themselves', but it still weighs heavily on my conscience.

My feelings towards "cracking eggs" has been in flux for quite some time. I acknowledge that my journey was much more pleasant and painless than others. Because my story was a life or death situation, I hope I am contributing to saving others' lives. But all I can hope for is that they find their GenderEuphoria like I have.

If I played a part in "cracking your egg", I hope your transition is going smoothly and you are enjoying your omelette. Also, I wrote this post a few weeks ago but was hesitant to share because I was worried it might come off as pretentious.

I hope I was wrong. I've helped crack quite a few eggs in my time. F de Froppy!! Por fin continuar con el abecedario!! Aggg He is so cute love cute digitalart ilustration artistofinstagram art purple yellow green eggirl eggirlart heissocute inlove.

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Cool cool love friends pink digitalart ilustration originalart art artistofinstagram alexandgianluca eggirlart eggirl ocs. Light and Dark light dark lightanddark stars umbrella universe blackandwhite white black ilustration digitalart eggirlart eggirl artistofinstagram art. Am I doing it right? Skaters shoe. Flower Girl 3. Swap Girl 4. Girl Dressup 3.

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Girl Makeover 3. Danger Girl 3. Bash Girl 4. Puzzles And Coloring Games 4. Dragon Games Poppy O'hair 4. Baby Caring Games With Anna 4. Mr Bean Dress Up Games 3. War Games: The Training Mission 3. Cover Girl 4. Skater Girl 3. Mechanic Girl 4. Gypsy Girl 4. Bicycle Girl 4. I've mentioned ironing to other AFAB people and they tell me "Oh, I just wear clothes that don't need ironing," which is great for them but they just DON'T fit with my gender presentation or identity, and can actively make me feel uncomfortable.

Thank you for coming to my TedTalk. Kiss kiss magic flowers blue human wizard eye love inlove green eggirlart eggirl digitalart ilustration artistofinstagram art bl. Alex and Gianluca New part!!!!!! Why not? Os gustan los maquillajes coloridos esta paleta me encanta. PRODUTOS anastasiabeverlyhills deep pomade in ebony tartecosmetics concealer to prime the lid juviasplace thezulupalette morphebrushes beautysuplystore lip gloss.

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