Entre a Fé e a Notícia: Jornalismo Gospel no Brasil (Portuguese Edition)

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Books by Language. Photo: The Portugal News - See story on back page. See Page 7 F1 tests endure harsh weather The Aigarve Motor Park hosted the first muiti-team Formuia One testing of this season, but the five teams present, Toro Rosso, McLaren, Renauit, Wiiiiams and Toyota, were not very fortunate as bad weather did not aiiow them to test their new equipment to their fuii potentiai. See Page 64 Weekend weather Lisbon: Residents in the capitai wiii be hard pressed to find biue skies in the coming week, as cioud and rain wiii be dominating weather for the next seven days, though Saturday wiii be without rain.

Faro: The rain of recent days is forecast to subside this weekend, but heavy ciouds are expected to return at the beginning of next week. Oporto: Rain wiii dominate in the north, though Saturday is not expected to be too wet. Support from South America and even Africa when FIFA sits down to select the host country or countries could prove crucial due to the many friends Portugal and Spain have on these continents.

Tel: Sales Tel: Gen. Fax: Emails: info the-news. He said gay activists should concentrate first on winning and consolidating the right to civil unions be- fore pressing for adoption rights. Prime Minister Socrates gained loud applause on Sunday on telling some party members that he would propose the Socialists back gay civil marriage at the party congress next month. The party congress, where Jose Socrates is virtually as- sured of retaining his post as secretary-general, comes ahead of three national elec- tions slated for later this year, including a key legis- lative poll in the autumn.

The two countries will now have to sit down and discuss the finer points of the bid, such as which cities will host which games.

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It is widely expected that Lis- bon will receive the opening match and a semi-final in the event of a successful bid, while Madrid and B arcelona are to fight it out for the right to hold the fi- nal. While the venues will most certainly remain a heated point of discussion in the coming months, both Portugal and Spain could host the tournament with little building work due to their im- pressive stadia and capacity to comfortably receive and house millions of visitors.

A total of 12 stadiums are to be used in the World Cup, and Portugal will be looking to pro- vide between three and five of these venues, with four being the likely number. In the meantime, the united Iberian candidacy will need to have its completed bid-books with EIEA by May , while the deciding vote will take place in December that year.

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EIEA will decide the venue for both the and tourna- ments that year, with Iberia look- ing to host the latter event should it fail in its initial one. However, should the strong- est bid facing Portugal-Spain - that of England - win the event, they will be unable to host the or tournament, as no country from a continent that hosts the event will be per- mitted to host again until Despite numerous other bids being launched ten to date Eng- land and Iberia seem to have sin- gled each other out as main con- tenders.

Photo left: Spainish Soccer Federation chairman Angel Maria Villar L and his Portuguese counterpart Gilberto Madafl shaking hands on 19 January at the Portuguese Soccer Federation headquarters in Lisbon, after their agreement to promote a joint candidature for the World soccer championship. Obama became the first African- American to be elected to the office of President in the history of the United States. Luis Amado made his plea shortly before he joined other EU foreign ministers at a dinner meeting in Brussels with their Israeli counterpart, T ipzi Livni. Your Car.

Your Bike Your Passion The exclusive Zymol automotive enhancement system. Natural washing, cleaning and feeding giving the ultimate vehicle finish and the longest lasting protection Puxar Lustro is a specialist vehicle valeting and accessories company. The only company licensed to use and supply Zymol in Portugal. Opening soon at the Autodromo do Algarve. Contact us for more information. USA mobiles and Canada. Priees do not inelude IVA. The Business Plan ineludes free minutes. Terms and conditions apply. Thanks to the excellent co- operation of the Portuguese au- thorities, it was possible to ap- prove the measure very quickly.

This scheme is the first meas- ure authorised for Portugal under the new temporary framework for state aid adopted in principle by the Commission on 1 7 Decem- ber Portugal is the third country, after Germany and France, to avail itself of this new temporary framework. Brussels said its gloomy out- look for Portugal was marked by a series of interconnected factors like tighter credit conditions, de- teriorating consumer confidence and a slowdown in external de- mand.

GDP growth in the European Union is expected to fall by 1.

Catolicismo em Portugal. Crónicas de Susan Lowndes, correspondente britânica (1948-1992)

Brussels explained this is the result of the impact on the real economy of the intensified finan- cial crisis, the ensuing global downturn manifested in the se- vere contraction of world trade and manufacturing output and, in some countries, housing-market corrections. Government consumption and public investment, however, will provide relief.

The fact that infla- tionary pressures have eased also contributes to private consump- tion.

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The discretionary fiscal measures announced since Au- gust will limit the contrac- tion in GDP growth by about 0. The severity of the economic downturn will have a significant impact on employ- ment and public finances over the forecast horizon. The top priority is to make those measures work effectively: to improve the flows of credit at reasonable prices and to implement the fiscal stimulus packages quickly to stimulate investment and private con- sumption. Economic activity worldwide is expected to have fallen mark- edly in the last quarter of Declines in recent survey data and incoming orders, among others, indicate that this weakness is likely to persist in the short term.

The economic downturn is ex- pected to be broad-based with negative spillovers increasingly affecting emerging-market economies. For as a whole, world GDP growth is projected to slow down to 0. Starting in the second half of , global growth is expected to rise gradually but moderately as the financial market situation improves and the impact of the macroeconomic policy easing not least in the US gains trac- tion. Overall, global GDP growth is expected to be around 2.

Despite these negative figures, EU economies, and most notably Portugal, are looking to have the worst effects of the recession averted through dropping inter- est rates. Last week, interest rates were cut for the fourth consecutive month by the European Central Bank. The cut of half a percent- age point to a benchmark figure of two percent equals the lowest rate since the ECB was handed autonomy of monetary policy a decade ago.

The first of the interest rate cuts came into force last October, when it was at a high of 4. Expectations, according to sur- veys of leading economists, are that the rate will fall to 1. Earlier this month, Portuguese officials expressed optimism that recent and pending interest rate cuts would actually result in being a prosperous year for most home owners.

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Make sure your loved ones don't have to cope alone! The Portuguese way of funerals can often lead to misunderstanding and leave people confused at a time of distress, particularly when your family and friends are a long way from home. Will they know what to do, who to call? Planning ahead and making provisions with Golden Leaves will save this trauma of knowing who they can turn to and by planning ahead you can organise and arrange things according to your wishes.

Our secure, dignified and personal service will give you peace of mind in the knowledge that your funds are backed by our guarantee of trust. The father, Gerry McCann, said last week he intended to co- operate with Portuguese authori- ties in the search for Madeleine, who went missing in the Algarve in May , believing there are still leads which could be fol- lowed up.

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This is our pri- ority and always was. Therefore these issues possible cases are just not relevant at this moment. Police originally suggested they were dealing with a possi- ble abduction, but later admitted the child could have died, al- though the authorities never man- aged to ascertain what happened.

Unveiled late last week in This follows a recent exten- Johannesburg, the report sive report published by the places Portugal at position World Health Organisation, number on a global list which revealed that life ex- of countries and their re- pectancy in Portugal is al- spective infant death rates, most ten years more than it This corresponds to four was three decades ago.

The report also found that with a infant mortality rate Portugal now has the 11th offive deaths per every 1, highest life expectancy rate children aged five or under, in the world. This WHO further praises the means a drop in infant mor- network of health centres tality of 60 per cent since staffed by physicians and The organisation con- Sierra Leone tops the list, firms that a flaw in the Por- with in every one thou- tuguese National Health sand children under the age Service remains because the of five dying.

It has been cal- ments by bringing primary culated that a little over care closer to the people three decades ago, Weathering the financial storm I Looking to the future The financial crisis has affected all investors and left depositors in banks concerned about the safety of their cash. What steps can you take to ride out the worst of It and come out well positioned to face the future? SCOtt blevinsfranks. According to a spokesper- son, by the end of this year Starbucks wants to have six es- tablishments open in Portugal.

Starbucks already has two coffee houses open in Lisbon, in the Allegro Shopping Centre, Alfragide, and in Belem, and a third one will be opened in the Forum Almada shopping cen- tre. Currently employing 50 peo- ple, distributed throughout the three stores, the chain also uses various Portuguese suppliers and will soon start selling sand- wiches made in Portugal.

New introductions to cater for Portuguese breakfast habits will also soon be available. There are currently 16, Starbucks stores worldwide. In fact, immigrants will account for per cent of labor-force market growth by , ac- cording to Statistics Canada. Employment Consultants of Canada has decided to help im- migrants integrate into the Ca- nadian workplace by connect- ing newcomers with top em- ployers across the country.

Another new class of immi- grants will allow temporary workers and international stu- dents to apply for permanent residency while in Canada. So that skilled temporary workers, who lack sufficient formal edu- cation to qualify in the skilled worker category, can live in Canada permanently. In almost all cases, there is no requirement to take an Annuity Av.

Registered in England No. Great confusion and dis-information abound regarding such Income from Abroad. So the first question to consider is: Who is required to make an income tax declaration in Portugal? The former is civil in nature and had new legislation as of August The latter is Fiscal and is circumstantial in nature.