Farewell the Trumpets: An Imperial Retreat (Pax Britannica)

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Back Cover Image. About this Recording. An Introduction… Farewell the Trumpets There was calculation… The day after the Khartoum memorial service… The British also sent the French… And if to the public at home… It was too late, anyway… On the face of it… Spion Kop was one of the most… It was the first of the propaganda wars… Sea - captains of every nationality… In the British decreed… Many aspects of Victorianism… Our second grandee… For generations the British in India… The first part of the plan… The British slept that night… In a Liberal Government… Such, many times multiplied… The Turkish possession called Mesopotamia… Early the next afternoon… Jan Morris is also world-renowned for her collection of travel writing and reportage, spanning over five decades and including such titles as Venice, Coronation Everest, Hong Kong, Spain, A Writer's World and most recently, Contact!

Morris writes with inspired gusto, firmly rooted in erudition, which carries the book into the realms of literature. Die Inhaltsangabe kann sich auf eine andere Ausgabe dieses Titels beziehen. James Morris. Jan Morris. The Fashoda incident. Imperial indoctrinations.

Pax Britannica

The second Boer. Doubts and tremors of imperialism. Lord Curzon Lord Milner and the imperial idea. The British invasion of Tibet. Standing firm in the imperial fortresses.

Towards the independence of India. New men and the temper of Empire. Colonial mutations. Airships railways dams buses wireless et.