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Interviewing anti-apartheid activists and music legends like Quincy Jones, Harry Belafonte, Paul McCartney and David Byrne, Berlinger's Crude, Paradise Lost new doc explores both the anatomy of a musical masterwork and the responsibilities of art. The two men have a long, reasonable, open discourse a quarter of a century after their initial debate.

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Have you ever wanted to be a film critic? Disconnecting to reconnect. The story of a family that chooses to leave its busy life and spend fall, winter and spring in the complete wilderness of the Canadian North. Following his father's suicide, director Jonathan Holiff discovers hundreds of letters and audio diaries, including recorded phone calls with Johnny Cash during his pill-fueled s, triumphs at Folsom and San Quentin, marriage to June Carter, and his conversion in the early s to born-again Christian.

An intense personal adventure that happens to feature one of 20th-century music's greatest icons, My Father and the Man in Black tells the inside story of 'bad boy' Johnny Cash, his talented but troubled manager, Saul Holiff, and a son searching for his father in the shadow of a legend. In the tiny, rural town of Carthage, TX, assistant funeral director Bernie Tiede was one of the town's most beloved residents.

He taught Sunday school, sang in the church choir and was always willing to lend a helping hand. Everyone loved and appreciated Bernie, so it came as no surprise when he befriended Marjorie Nugent Shirley MacLaine , an affluent widow who was as well known for her sour attitude as her fortune. How could things go so wrong? Richard Linklater cleverly tells this story using actors mixed with colourful real-life characters.

Pg13 you must stay for credits on this one! Mr Raymer's immediate choice. The Big Lebowski is a film about an amiable unemployed slacker, The Dude, and his close friends, all fond of their nights at the local bowling alley, who are drawn into a Chandleresque plot involving the missing younger wife of a millionaire namesake. Sixteen years would pass before her daughter Kathy felt ready to listen to delve into her story.

She found a sometimes difficult marriage, her sadness over her estrangement from her son, and her difficulties with mental illness. Audio recordings her mother left would ultimately form the backbone of this extraordinarily moving documentary. Driven by the need to understand and forgive Nina, and to explore the repercussions of her mother's illness and death on her family, Kathy's journey leads ultimately to a place of acceptance and letting-go. We'll celebrate this NFLDer's recent recovery from a serious bout of throat cancer.

Some terrific music and story telling! It's an entertaining drama set in Nova Scotia that broaches topics like sibling rivalry, addiction, family secrets and relationships - starring Molley Parker, Rebecca Jenkins, Stacy Smith, introducing Ellen Page, written by Daniel MacIvor. Pg13 "Marion Bridge is one of the most confident and clearly directed features to be made in Canada. Every element of this impressive production is completely integrated and beautifully performed. An estranged uncle is murdered. The niece he never knew uncovers his complex, conflicted life as a gay man and muses about his life and death in an attempt to comprehend what it means to her.

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Plus her Beat Truths 3 min, about a Toronto bucket drummer. A black and white film chock full of colourful characters. This amazing first feature was written, directed, and lead role played by Patrick Wang. I was completely absorbed from beginning to end. B] What a courageous first feature this is, a film that sidesteps shopworn stereotypes and tells a quiet, firm, deeply humanist story about doing the right thing. It is a film that avoids any message or statement and simply shows us, with infinite sympathy, how the life of a completely original character can help us lead our own.

Triumphant and heartbreaking in equal measure, the film is both a tribute to the unsung voices who brought shape and style to popular music and a reflection on the conflicts, sacrifices and rewards of a career spent harmonizing with others. This is a special event in co-operation with the Friends Of Music Society. Teacher engages group of teenagers craft their own Stand Up Paddleboards, a modern version of a traditional practice. Stories are shared without apology or laying of blame.

It is a 'sober' look at a devastating, and sometimes fatal, addiction. Pg13 " Like many aboriginals, my own life has been effected by alcohol abuse, my own and others. This is my thesis for my masters in life. A disarming example of documentary filmmaking that stakes out an opinion with plain-spoken, commonsensical wisdom, this insightful effort from directors Sara Lamm and Mary Wigmore doubles as a defense of natural childbirth and an affectionate look back at the movement's '70s countercultural roots.

Though she had no concept of how far they would go, Freda had faith in The Beatles from the beginning, and The Beatles had faith in her. In Good Ol' Freda, Freda tells her stories for the first time in 50 years. The film offers an insider perspective on the beloved band that changed the world of music. Freda has a refreshing integrity that is uncommon in our tell-all celebrity world. Since she met her boyfriend Martin, at the recreation centre where they are choir members, they have been inseparable.

However, because they are 'different,' their loved ones are fearful of their relationship. As the choir prepare for an important music festival, Gabrielle does everything she can to gain her independence. Canada's bid for Best Foreign Film at this year's Oscars. The dogs, ala Qimmiq or Inuit Sled Dogs were once indispensible to human life in the Canadian arctic.

Today, the breed faces extinction. Stunning footage of polar bears and dogs interacting and a window for us comfy Southerners into that rugged environment and the equally rugged individuals who choose to live there. Pg13 New Zealand filmmaker Costa Botes will take our call for more about the making of this film! Guitar in tow, huddled against the unforgiving New York winter, he is struggling to make it as a musician against seemingly insurmountable obstacles-some of them of his own making. Deeply entrenched social stigma and discrimination have kept recovery voices silent and faces hidden for decades.

The moving story of The Anonymous People is told through the faces and voices of the leaders, volunteers, corporate executives, and celebrities who are laying it all on the line to save the lives of others just like them. An American film, local context. A lovely, surprising story.

With his navigation equipment and radio disabled, the man sails unknowingly into the path of a violent storm.


A film with just a few words and one actor. Immerse yourself!

Birth pangs like a woman in labor, ring of fire, baby's head crowning

We visit the barren desert delta where the mighty Colorado River no longer reaches the ocean, and the water-intensive leather tanneries of Dhaka. We witness how humans are drawn to water, from the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach to the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, where 30 million people gather at the same time for a sacred bath in the Ganges.

We speak with scientists who drill ice cores two kilometres deep into the Greenland Ice Sheet, and explore the sublime pristine watershed of Northern British Columbia. This boldly cinematic film shows the magnitude of our need and use of the world's most precious resource - from award-winning Victoria-born filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal and renowned photographer Edward Burtynsky marks their second collaboration after 's Manufactured Landscapes.

These NZ yodelling twins have been performing since they were girls and, with brilliant humour and music, have tackled everything from Aboriginal rights, nuclear weapons proliferation, GLBT issues. Even breast cancer succumbs to their spirit and their special brand of silliness. The documentary explores Bill's story of abuse and the process of forgiving his abusers. In Before Sunrise min, R language , a young American meets a French girl on a train to Vienna where they get to know each other overnight before he leaves on his flight home.

In the second, Before Sunset 80 min, R language , they meet again after 9 years. The loftiness of this supernatural vocation reveals the greatness and the inestimable value of human life even in its temporal phase. Life in time, in fact, is the fundamental condition, the initial stage and an integral part of the entire unified process of human existence. It is a process which, unexpectedly and undeservedly, is enlightened by the promise and renewed by the gift of divine life, which will reach its full realization in eternity cf.

At the same time, it is precisely this supernatural calling which highlights the relative character of each individual's earthly life.

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After all, life on earth is not an "ultimate" but a "penultimate" reality; even so, it remains a sacred reality entrusted to us, to be preserved with a sense of responsibility and brought to perfection in love and in the gift of ourselves to God and to our brothers and sisters. The Church knows that this Gospel of life, which she has received from her Lord, 1 has a profound and persuasive echo in the heart of every person-believer and non-believer alike-because it marvellously fulfils all the heart's expectations while infinitely surpassing them. Even in the midst of difficulties and uncertainties, every person sincerely open to truth and goodness can, by the light of reason and the hidden action of grace, come to recognize in the natural law written in the heart cf.

Rom the sacred value of human life from its very beginning until its end, and can affirm the right of every human being to have this primary good respected to the highest degree. Upon the recognition of this right, every human community and the political community itself are founded. In a special way, believers in Christ must defend and promote this right, aware as they are of the wonderful truth recalled by the Second Vatican Council: "By his incarnation the Son of God has united himself in some fashion with every human being".

The Church, faithfully contemplating the mystery of the Redemption, acknowledges this value with ever new wonder.

The Gospel of God's love for man, the Gospel of the dignity of the person and the Gospel of life are a single and indivisible Gospel. For this reason, man-living man-represents the primary and fundamental way for the Church. Every individual, precisely by reason of the mystery of the Word of God who was made flesh cf.