In/Equality: An Alternative Anthropology

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

More by Joseph L. More by Yulia R. Abstract Article info and citation First page References Abstract In many applications, the underlying scientific question concerns whether the variances of k samples are equal. Article information Source Statist.

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  • Foundations of the Anthropology of Gender.
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Export citation. Export Cancel. References Abelson, R. Efficient utilization of non-numerical information in quantitative analysis: General theory and the case of simple order.

In/Equality: An Alternative Anthropology

He is the author of a broad array of scholarly articles, books and textbooks about both the history of economic thought and development economics. His current research focuses on the theory of institutional change. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Publishing With Us. Book Authors Journal Authors.

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Offers a critique of contemporary capitalism Identifies economic institutions of isocracy according to a perspective of gradual change from the capitalist mode of production Illustrates the political institutions of isocracy through five contemporaries practices. Buy eBook.

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They are Muslims but compose picture narratives that are largely based on Hindu mythology. They are also known to compose and sing narratives about secular events such as local disasters.

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In post-Independence India the fact of their interstitial position has given them a special status as embodiments of folk spirituality, syncreticism and secularism. I contrast another mode of storytelling — the graphic novel form — in which some of the artists have experimented- to see whether the story can get a new lease of life in another genre when the traditional mode of picture story telling is no longer equal to the task.

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Hugh Raffles, of the New School of Social Research, took tentative steps into a new ethnographic project that explores the lives of rocks and stones. There are currently two central problems.

The Institutions of Equality

One is familiar to anthropologists: What are the forms of life enacted by objects that, in "the Western philosophical tradition," are commonly considered inanimate? The second, although related, may be less familiar: What can we learn from stones? Raffles explores these questions ethnographically, assuming that they are susceptible to empirical investigation.

The project considers a limited set of cases of which two are introduced in this talk: the ancient monuments of the British Isles and Chinese "scholar's rocks.