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End your trek at the new cliffside spa, where treatment rooms peekaboo over the sea. Canada's smallest province also has its biggest foodie rep. Prince Edward Island is known for its blue mussels, Malpeque oysters, and crustaceans—head here for the 25th annual shellfish festival in September, where lobster parties are held on the beach as the sky turns red behind the lighthouse. The island got itself new luxe rooms this past summer with the Inn at Fortune Bridge , run by chef Michael Smith, a Food Network regular; a Bentley ferries guests to its sister property for the nightly open-fire feast.

In light of the man-made Amazon fires that began raging earlier this summer, conservationists have been eager to remind travelers: We have to prove the Amazon is worth more standing than it is cut down. Of course, the reasons we've always had to make the trip—the pull of the world's greatest biodiversity, deeply remote eco-lodges with luxe amenities, and expedition-style river cruises—are as intriguing as ever, but there's an added sense of urgency to go now. Head to the Anavilhanas Archipelago, which is a protected set of more than fluvial islands in Brazil's Amazon rainforest, where you'll find jaguars, manatees, and comfortable accommodations like the Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge accessible by private seaplane from the city of Manaus, just minutes away.

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Once there, experiences on land include everything from hunting lessons taught by the Waimiri-Atrari tribe to guided wildlife-spotting canoe trips through tributaries. It sure won't look anything like that island getaway you took last year. With surfing having its Olympics debut at the Tokyo games, it makes sense to explore Kyushu, one of Japan's five main islands and home to its best breaks. Okuragahama Beach, for example, with its consistent waves, is as good for beginners as for pros.

It's also worth checking out the offshore islets like Yakushima, a cauldron of misty forests that inspired Studio Ghibli 's Princess Mononoke, and urban hits too: buzzy cities including Nagasaki, where next year the hilltop Hirado Castle will become the first samurai fortress in Japan to allow overnighters. The wild Scottish isle of Raasay feels storybook remote.

Sheep trot along single-lane roads; moody hills draw in hikers. Now there's also a sleek whisky distillery , its long windows reflecting Skye's Cuillin peaks and a debut single-malt slowly, slowly maturing inside. Hong Kong has had a challenging year , to put it mildly, but that hasn't dimmed its incredible dynamism or deterred a raft of openings—and the airfares have dropped a little.

New arrivals include a flagship Rosewood and Soho House above , the brand's biggest. Early will bring Hotel Alexandra to the scene, with golden decor and a touch of Alice in Wonderland whimsy. Set up camp at D'Estres Bay, with just a gaggle of surfers for company, and the Milky Way reveals itself in all its inky splendor as the sun vanishes, a giddy real-world planetarium. It's all about the outdoors on South Australia's Kangaroo Island. There are endangered sea lions to spot, spiky-backed echidnas, and the eponymous kangaroos sheltering under shrubs.

This is known as the island of conservation by locals, who are fiercely protective of its wildlife; its Mediterranean climate also ensures excellent wines.

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A new mile wilderness trail rolls out around the southwest. Fresh accommodations include sustainable farm stay Mistere , and on the pristine sands of Emu Beach, beach houses Hamilton and Dune Ki above. Seafaring, close-knit Nantucket has always been a quiet island, so any change is big news.

And along with additional domestic flight routes, next year will see a few more changes.

This is Ohio’s Lake Erie Shores & Islands.

Boutique group Life House is reopening India Street, an atmospheric cluster of four town houses set around a courtyard lounge in the historic district. And on the eco-front, Nantucket's single-use-plastic ban kicks into effect in June. Melville would surely approve. Indonesia may be moving its capital out of Jakarta, but its islands will be going strong in On Lombok , the teak-crafted Legian Sire above has a clear-cut family appeal, while at Bali's Seminyak , knot-haired beach kids can stay the night at the latest Desa Potato Head hotel , spending half of it in a soundproofed club helmed by Ibiza veteran DJ Harvey.

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A four-hour flight, a seaplane, and a world away, a different vibe will be had in the six upcycled huts on Elang, the second private island of the Bawah Reserve, in the tropical Riau Archipelago between Malaysia and Borneo. Its soundtrack will be birdsong and gentle sea laps. No soundproofing required. We find it curious that Kea escaped attention for so long. Only an hour's ferry ride from Lavrio, just outside Athens , this Cycladic island has everything going for it: a prettily faded Hora straddling two hills, a ritzy yacht scene around the mini-resorts of Vourkari and Koundouros, and blindingly blue bays with some of the best wreck diving in Greece.

The most famous shipwreck is the Britannic, sister ship of the Titanic. Go before the crowds catch on, and head inland where Athenians' stone villas are hunkered into the sun-bleached landscape— Hipaway has some nice hideouts. Or disappear at Kathikies , a century-old farmhouse stranded at the end of a dirt track with nothing but cicadas, butterflies and boundless Aegean views for miles. The food are delicious and well packed for each of us! Fay also ensured that we are all back to our vans. Overall we enjoyed the trip! Thank you Fay and Sea Eagle Team! Very nice travel, speed, clean boat.

We could see a lot in this Little time. Guide Fay was the Best, always takeing pictures of us, we got very tasty lunch Very well spent money. Took a day trip for 4 islands, views were incredible and there was enough time on each stop of the trip. Was very scared to be on a speed boat Price was fair, and also included decent lunch -for us it was rice, chicken, egg..

We were with guide Fay and also Wae sorry if I spelled her name wrong and they were very helpful and kind, 5 stars to them!!! Guide Fay also made sure to take our pictures with views and on the boat and already sent me all the pictures on the same day of the tour. Login Sign Up. Find Your Perfect Trip. Destination Aonang Krabi Phang-nga Phuket. Local staff.

Our expert team handpicked all destinations in this site. Best Price Guarantee. Price match within 48 hours of order confirmation.

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Top Notch support. We are here to help, before, during, and even after your trip. We are local tour company with friendly team. Speedboat tour with Sea Eagle company. Sea Eagle Sunset 4 islands Trip by speedboat 6 hr. Hong islands Trip by speedboat. Phi Phi islands Trip by speedboat. Day tour in Krabi Transport. Learn More. Customer Reviews.

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