JSL Companion: Applications of the JMP Scripting Language

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Jsl Companion: Applications of the Jmp Scripting Language

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It adopts a show-and-tell design with essential steps on the left-hand side and extensive illustrations on the right, which is very similar to the software's own philosophy of producing graphs alongside results. In most cases, each page or two-page spread completes a JMP task, which maximizes the book's utility as a reference. In addition, each chapter contains a family of features that are carefully crafted to first introduce basic features and progress to more advanced ones.

For new users, JMP Essentials is the most accessible and fastest reference available. It provides the technical knowledge and problem-solving skills needed to perform real data multivariate analysis. Written for students in undergraduate and graduate-level statistics courses, this book first teaches students to recognize when it is appropriate to use the tool, to understand what variables and data are required, and to know what the results might be.

Second, it teaches them how to interpret the results, followed by step-by-step instructions on how and where to perform and evaluate the analysis in JMP.

With the new emphasis on business intelligence, business analytics and predictive analytics, this book is invaluable to everyone who needs to expand their knowledge of statistics and apply real problem-solving analysis. Practical Data Analysis with JMP Publication Date: August 30, ISBN ISBN Description: Being an effective analyst or a well-informed consumer of analyses requires that you know how to properly define the problem, apply suitable statistical techniques, and clearly and honestly communicate the results. Being a well-informed consumer of analyses requires the same skills so that you can recognize them in action.

Robert Carver's Practical Data Analysis with JMP uses the powerful interactive and visual approach of JMP to introduce readers to the logic and methods of statistical thinking and data analysis. The book can stand on its own as a learning resource or be used to supplement a standard introduction-to-statistics textbook. It includes a myriad of examples and problems that rely on real sets of data, often starting with an important or interesting research question that an investigator has pursued.

Reflective of the broad applicability of statistical reasoning, the problems come from a wide variety of disciplines, including engineering, medicine, business, demography, among others, and include a number of international and historical examples. Practical Data Analysis with JMP helps you begin to engage in statistical thinking, discriminate among some fundamental statistical techniques, and perform data analysis. It introduces you to the major platforms and essential features of JMP and will leave you with a sufficient background and the confidence to continue your exploration independently.

Taking a task-oriented approach rather than focusing on showing the syntax, the authors help users with much more than the basic task of capturing a script. The book starts with an introduction that is suitable for someone who is just beginning to learn JSL. It quickly moves to importing and saving data, working with variables, modifying data tables, and working with JMP data structures lists, matrices, and associative arrays.

Later chapters deal with JMP output, communicating with users, and customizing displays. The last two chapters cover writing flexible code and include several tips that help solve problems with which novice users often struggle. Updated for JMP 10 and including new features on the statistical platforms, this book offers clearly written instructions to guide you through the basic concepts of research and data analysis, enabling you to easily perform statistical analyses and solve problems in real-world research.