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Hoping for an expert opinion — and perhaps some expert solace — I phoned Joshua Hartshorne, the director of the Language Learning Laboratory at Boston College.

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Children need seven or eight years of intensive immersion to speak like a native. And native speakers keep perfecting their grammar into their 20s. But vocabulary peaks at about age 60, according to a study in Psychological Science. What does this mean for someone who started learning French in her 30s?

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Hartshorne says my language-learning ability had sharply declined by then and was getting worse each year. In his study, nonnative English speakers who had been immersed in English in their late 20s made only slightly fewer grammatical mistakes than native speakers in preschool. I use French for work, but I speak lots of English too, including with my kids and husband.

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And most mornings, I circle unknown words in Le Monde, then transfer them to sticky notes above my desk. Hartshorne said. You can learn basic grammar and vocabulary at any age. But in every context — a book, an article or conversation — there will probably be several. In other words, no matter how many sentences I memorize or words I circle, there will always be more.

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Hartshorne explained. And your peak level might not last. I used to interview people in Portuguese; now the language merely sounds familiar.

Most of what remains from three years of Japanese is a haiku I learned for extra credit in high school. Confidence matters too.

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Hartshorne also points out that native speakers have exceptional precision. Even someone with 99 percent grammatical accuracy sounds foreign. When the U. Pinckney and Marshall made preparations to leave France, while Gerry intended to stay in the hopes of averting a war.

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President Adams prepared for war, and pro-war Federalists pushed Congress to support him. Adams, knowing its contents, obliged them and released the correspondence, but replaced the names of the French intermediaries with the letters W, X, Y, and Z.

Thereafter Adams continued preparations for war, but did not venture to openly declare war. Talleyrand, realizing his blunder, attempted to restore relations, and Congress approved a commission to negotiate an agreement with the French government.

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In the meantime, the U. The Logan Act criminalized unauthorized diplomatic negotiations. In the meantime peace negotiations proceeded in France. Napoleon had come to power, and was seeking to re-obtain Louisiana from Spain.

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Consequently, Talleyrand, who remained as Foreign Minister, wanted to prevent further hostility with the United States. For their part, the British had delighted in the anti-French uproar in the United States and moved to assist the Americans against a common foe, revolutionary France. However, President Adams ultimately wanted to avoid a major war, confident that had France wanted war it would have responded to American attacks on French ships.

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  • Talleyrand feared that limited hostilities with the United States might escalate into a full-scale war and let it be known that he would accept a new American diplomatic representative. Adams nominated a new representative to France despite public and Federalist disappointment that there would be no war, but conceded to Federalist demands and expanded the single nomination into a commission of three. The negotiators chose to annul the Treaty of Alliance, and instead negotiated a new agreement based on the Model Treaty—this resulted in the Convention of Since the new agreement made no provisions for compensation for the seizure of U.

    The Convention of terminated the only formal treaty of alliance of the United States.