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Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Learn more. If you have previously obtained access with your personal account, Please log in. If you previously purchased this article, Log in to Readcube. Log out of Readcube. Click on an option below to access. Log out of ReadCube. Schlaflose Tage marks a turning point for Jurek Becker: it is the only one of his novels which was never published in the GDR, and after its failure to gain authorisation in , Becker left the GDR.

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The publishing negotiations concentrated on contentious elements of the fictional text, as well as on Becker's demands and his public demeanour. As was often the case, political concerns rather than aesthetic preferences proved to be decisive — the ban came as a reaction to Becker's critical interviews in West German print media. An analysis of the logic of these censorial discourses shows that they focus on plot elements of the novel, on direct statements by its central characters, and on ideological issues related thereto, while ignoring Becker's more subtle representations of censorship which underpin the macrostructural levels of plot and dialogue: metaphors, symbols, parables, and intertextual references.

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Das schöne Leben der Toten

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Der Fänger im Roggen

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By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Life is wonderful. Die Arbeitslosigkeit steigt. Unemployment is rising. The teacher's house. Vuters Auto. Father's car. It's old Mrs Schmidt's birthday tomorrow. I saw Anna today. Munich Station i s big.

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We were there on Monday 1 inJune 1 in winter 1 after lunch. He was in church I school 1 prison. Rules a The definite article is always used if the person or thing in question is known or has already been mentioned.

Der Lehrer schreibt das Wort an die Tafel. Das Parlament hat die Gesetze iiber den Export geandert. Der Mount Everest i s t der hochste Berg der Erde. LI Some prepositions can be combined with the article. Die Sonne geht im Osten auf und im Westen unter. Wir gehen am Freitag i n s Kino. They correspond to a and an in English, and like the definite article, the indefinite article changes its form according to the case and gender of the noun it accompanies. She i s a teacher. Er i s t Amerikaner.

Als Ausliinder i s t man in Deutschland n i c h t wahlberechtigt.


Sie i s t Mitglied in meinem Klub. Ein Fahrrad kostet etwa Mark. Sie nahm eine Tasse aus dem Schrank. In texts, as in spoken German, people and things are first introduced with the indefinite article; thereafter the definite article is used.

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Ein Konig hatte eine schone Tochter. Der Konig lebte in einem Schloss in einem wilden Wald. Eines Tages kam ein Prinz zu dem Schloss. Der Prinz wollte die Tochter des Konigs gewinnen. Kinder fragen viel. Er raucht nur Zigarren.

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Man hort das Gerausch von Zugen. The genitive plural can be used in combination with an attributive adjective: Der Professor liebt die Bucher junger Schriftsteller.

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