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Our focus was the realization of a excellent wearing comfort and optimum flight performance.

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With the computer-aided design an optimal cut of our suits was developed for different standard or customized sizes. A stable flight with high performance of our wingsuits was achieved through the optimal fit.

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During the 2-year development period many new ideas such as the Quick-release-zipps, lnspection-openings or Easy-connectors were integrated into our wingsuits. In the development of the prototypes many suggestions from our experienced test pilot crew have been incorporated. Rainbow designs new wingsuits "Made in Germany" hold the highest quality standards. This cooperative project was funded by BMWi.

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We thank the following for their cooperation, codevelopment and support: Mrs. Professor Krzywinski und Mrs. Siegmund, TU Dresden Mr. Toggle navigation. Your individual Wingsuit Design. Overview Jetstream Blizzard.

Wingsuits Rainbow Wings -products are unique wingsuits that convince through optimized flight performance and superior quality. Control and buckle-up window and inside leg-pocket. Bootie with fast openers. Single-hand Quick-Release-Openers for arm-wing attachment. Elastic waistband and Front-pockets.

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  • Anti-slip element in the butt area. Air-Inlets arm-wing. Jetstream Our two-piece beginner wingsuit is perfectly balanced, powerful and easy to fly with safe handling characteristics. Go travel with Grapevine.

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    Latest Latest. Show Me More! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Cold light through a high window illuminated the many colours, incongruous in the middle of so much grey and brown and black. The captive knelt upon bare dirt, head tipped back toward the light.

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    How long had it been? Perhaps days; perhaps years. Memories — of blue sky and green grass, of warm sun and cool breezes — felt like dreams. Was this a nightmare? Or was this all there ever had been, all there ever would be? Dry, cracked lips moved in silent prayer, begging for relief. Betrayal had taken everything away and no one could hear his cries for help. They bound his wings and broke his heart. At the last he complied, picked up chains and shackled others.

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    His steps were slow and heavy, but not steady, for his wings would not be still. Struggling against the chains, they would not let him be.