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Ludwig has been sharing teases for fans about the upcoming season. In another post on his Instagram account, Ludwig shared the latest trailer for the final season along with the premiere date again for fans to take note of.

But before that.. It is all because of you! Who else got chills during this moment?

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The new trailer that just dropped shows Bjorn as the rightful ruler of Kattegat. He seems to be settling into his new role as king nicely.

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Will Bjorn be able to keep his new crown? Ivar will find an unlikely advocate and try to take revenge again. It looks like Bjorn will be fighting for his newfound power and his right to rule. Based on the trailer, Ivar has a new ally in Prince Oleg Danila Kozlovsky , a ruthless leader who plans to invade Scandinavia. Just about every sport these days require that you fully develop every aspect of your physical fitness including strength, agility, and mobility.

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  7. The only way to develop these areas is with an organized conditioning program that may involve weight training, plyometrics, speed work, and stretching. Second, most highly committed athletes spend at least part of the off-season continuing to practice their sport. Finally, and just as importantly, the off-season is the best time to engage in mental training.

    Russell Allen's Atomic Soul / Season's of Insanity ( 2005 )

    Just like physical conditioning and technical skills, mental aspects of sport e. An organized program of mental training can have huge benefits when you enter the new sports season.

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    Getting going for next season starts with that first step of deciding how important sport is to you. Here are some questions to ask yourself:.

    The key to achieving your goals next season is to start now! Talk is cheap. If your goals are at all high, the only chance you will have is to commit to intensive off-season physical, sport, and mental training programs. Want to make mental training a part of your off-season training program? Meet Dr.

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    Jim Taylor About Dr. Previous Next. View Larger Image. Post-season Evaluation The first thing you want to do is to look back on your sports season and evaluate how you did. See below a post-season assessment you can take and your coaches can take for you : Overall quality of season scale; 1-awful, exceptional : Physical progress 1-none, significant : Technical progress 1-none, significant : Tactical progress 1-none, significant : Mental progress 1-none, significant : Overall sports performance progress 1-none, significant : Results progress 1-none, significant : Goals achieved this season 1-none, all : Goals for next season: List some outcome and process goals you want to accomplish next season that will keep you on the road toward your long-term dream goals.

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    What strengths do you bring forward from this past season that will propel into next season? What weaknesses or areas of improvement have you identified that you need to work on? What has worked for you that you want to keep doing? Get Going Getting going for next season starts with that first step of deciding how important sport is to you.