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In the evening, cozy up with hot cocoa around the campfire. Enjoy a cocktail, wine or beer in our full-service bar. Try our fresh trout, delicious steaks, chops, shrimp, scampi, dessert and more. View our Menu. Within a radius of nine miles, there are more than twenty sparkling mountain lakes providing a spectacular setting for summer fishing, boating, hiking and sightseeing.

Experience a journey back in time by exploring the Gold Rush era Kentucky Mine. Call us for meal options available for guests during the winter and for special winter dinners for the public. Venture Out. There is so much to see and do.

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They give me a ride down to the city and as we reach the town I'm fairly surprised. I had imagined Sierra City as some large town, but it's the smallest town we've visited so far. The main street has probably about ten buildings, and the population of the town is The last time I saw him was in Sonora Pass a few weeks back.

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We swap hiking stories as enjoy a large breakfast together. James is doing a proper thru-hike. He never accepts any rides, not even to towns, and walks every step of the way. This means that towns that are further from the trail, where we have to hitch to-and-back, he can't go.

PCT: Highway 80 to Highway 49 (near Sierra City) Hiking Trail, Truckee, California

So he's carrying like two weeks worth of food at a time. He tells me that the last "town" he went to was VVR. First of all, VVR was only a small resort in the middle of the woods, and second, that was over three weeks ago.

California's Kentucky Mine stamp mill is the last of its kind - Bartell's Backroads

That's insane! As James heads out, we make plans to meet again at some point on the trail. I settle my bill and head "downtown". I quickly walk through the whole town and get to the Post Office and General Store.

Sierra City, California

I go into the Post Office to bounce my bounce box to Chester as I have no need for rain or thermal gear. The weather is so warm getting rained on would be a blessing. Then it's time to do the resupply. The selection at the general store is pretty minimal. I basically buy a ton of bars, a bag of chips, and Idahoan Potatoes to last me to either Quincy or Belden.

I join the small group of hikers on the other side of the road, in the shade of the closed out hotel, to spread out my food and make sure I got all I need. I don't know any of the hikers, which is a bit strange, and there's not much small talk going on. I notice that I'm missing one day worth of food so I dash back in to get more instant potatoes.

There's a small charging station at the side of the General Store and I take my devices there to get enough power to make it to Quincy. That reminds me that I still haven't finished the order on the new battery bank.

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  5. I need a much larger bank to be able to edit photos while on the trail and to get through the longer sections we're getting to. As we're sitting in the shade I see a familiar figure walking down the street, Kendall! I can't believe it! I thought she was way ahead of me. I run out to hug her. After catching up, she goes to do her resupply and I continue my Amazon ordering. The next spot where I can send mail to is going to be Chester, and as there's a weekend between now and me getting there, the regular day shipping might not make it in time.

    • PCT: Highway 80 to Highway 49 (near Sierra City).
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    Kendall points out that you can join the Amazon Prime on monthly payments. I check the pricing and a single month of Prime is cheaper than what it would cost to ship this one package with the 2-day shipping. As everyone around me is eating, I decide to get one of the famous sandwiches from the store. Inside I see others are ordering the Gutbuster, one pound g bacon-cheese-avocado burger.

    Looking at the massive burgers on the grill I know I'm not up for the challenge today. The sandwich is more than enough today. After the sandwich, I go back in to get a milkshake. As I'm standing there, waiting for my shake, someone comes over and says my name. I turn around and see a hiker wearing a khaki shirt, not recognizing who the hiker is. What the?!? We just start laughing and hugging each other. I can't even remember the last time we saw each other. And what's up with the non-blue shirt? He rented a car and is on his way to San Francisco to pick up Fyre and then skipping up to Chester.