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My daughter is really sweet most of the time. But when she gets angry she gets the urge to be physically violent.

The 5-minute stress buster

No one else in our family is like that so we didn't know what to do. Since we bought this she no longer has angry outbursts. It sits on a desk in her room. I asked her if she uses it and she said, "You don't even know.

Is the Stress Busters course for me?

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An upright, "play" version of a speed bag. It moves consistently making it easy to hit repeatedly , and after inflating with the included tool, the bladder is quite firm. But even so, it's not so heavy or hard that you'll hurt your knuckles. And all of that is pretty awesome, IF the bag base stays stuck to your surface. I initially found the base would not stay stuck to either formica-like veneer desk, nor painted metal desks.

8 RA Stress-Busters You Can Do at Your Desk

Then I followed the directions to wash and dry the suction cup before use. After that, it still wouldn't stick to the metal surface-- but worked perfectly on the formica-veneer, staying firmly in place even after aggressive use and the passage of hours. The other negative is a very strong smell Play a song that gives you happy, soothing thoughts.

Or listen to relaxing natural sounds, like ocean waves or a waterfall. Certain scents -- like lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood -- can ease stress for some people. Keep a bottle of scented hand lotion on your desk and use it when you need a little " aromatherapy.

Write in a journal. Studies show that writing down what you're feeling can make you feel better and even lower your blood pressure. If keeping a journal feels awkward, write an email about your feelings to your best friend. When you're done, you can decide to send it or just keep it to yourself.

Think about what's stressing you. We often try to push stuff out of our heads to calm down. But facing it head-on can help too. What is it that bothers you? Are you behind on a project? Did your boss say something that upset you? Once you have a clearer sense of the problem, you can come up with a solution. Because nurses are the largest and most trusted healthcare profession today, the aim of the healthy nurse challenge is to encourage nurses to increase their personal wellness and patients may follow their example.

The ANA also initiated an RN survey that identified the acute and chronic effects of stress as one of the top health and safety concerns for nurses. The impact of long-term stress on health can include higher incidences of hypertension, reduced immunity, digestive problems, headaches, diabetes, and stroke. Due to the rigors of nursing school, nursing students endure stress when managing studies, work commitments, social activities, and family obligations.

Nursing students care for acutely ill patients and are exposed to the same type of stress identified by RNs in the ANA survey.

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Stress is defined as the psychological and physical response of the body that occurs whenever a person must adapt to changing conditions, whether those conditions be real or perceived, positive or negative. There are two types of stress: distress and eustress. Distress is a negative, draining energy that results in anxiety, depression, confusion, and fatigue. Eustress is a positive, beneficial energy that's motivational and results in feelings of happiness, hopefulness, and purposeful movement. Eustress is different from distress because it has a positive influence on overall well-being.

In general adaptation syndrome—the three stages the body goes through when reacting to stress—eustress releases endorphins that help improve mood. Endorphins are also beneficial to those who may have depression or low energy. Examples of eustress are a much-needed vacation, a new challenge, a new job, or playing a favorite sport. In both types of stress, the same physiologic responses are expressed and can strain a person's system. So downtime apart from every day routine is important to keep stress in check.

During the stress buster sessions, we offered the following modalities:. This station was set up to be self-appointed with a partner or by oneself. Seats were arranged across for each other at a long table. An assortment of scented and unscented lotions and oils were placed on the table so students could choose which they wanted to use. Of the lightly scented lotions and oils, lavender was chosen because it's a scent that's thought to decrease stress and anxiety.

Lavender was the scent most widely used by the students. Most students paired with a partner and performed hand massages on each other. While giving hand massages, students engaged in casual conversations about the challenges of nursing school and other topics. The advantages of hand massage include that it's quick, can be done with or without a partner, and has immediate results. Benefits include enhanced circulation and feelings of overall relaxation.

10 stress busters - NHS

This station was set up in the same room as the hand massages and equipped with lavender scented or unscented Epsom salt, a chair, a heated whirlpool foot soak appliance, and disposable towels. Students were instructed to empty the water from the foot soak appliance after using it, clean it with a disinfectant wipe, and thoroughly rinse it with water in preparation for the next student's use. Foot soaks with Epsom salt soothe aching feet. Sitting in the chair while soaking one's feet also requires a time-out from the daily routine, promotes relaxation, and helps reduce anxiety.

This station was in a separate room from the hand massages and foot soaks. Chairs were placed around a conference table and we asked students to limit conversations when in the room. We played instrumental music and nature sounds at low volume to provide a soothing background. Reiki is a Japanese technique done to help reduce stress, promote relaxation, enhance a sense of well-being, and improve healing.

Reiki is administered by laying of hands to move energy through the body. Both of us performed Reiki on students who asked to participate in the session; one of us is a certified level one Reiki practitioner.

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We used an upper body modified approach for whole body Reiki.