The Amazement and Glory of Calvary

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When you see Jesus, you see what God is really like. Being in appearance as a man like my shirt sleeve , He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death. This is really the important point: He humbled Himself. Nobody made Him submit; He submitted Himself to the Father. He voluntarily took a position that was concerned, not with Himself, but with all others.

He served God and all other people by giving His life to make propitiation for them. No one has humbled himself more nor served more people than Jesus. This is why God is going to make the whole universe of intelligent creatures bow down before Jesus and acknowledge that Jesus is God. Jesus clearly shows us who God really is, not a tyrannical CEO at the top, ordering people around, making things go His way or else.

He is the one who loves and cares about people far below Him who despise and hate Him, and will even give His own life to save them. He does not think about Himself, but about others. He is humble. All the power, knowledge and abilities are cool but, in His mind, are not essential to who and what God is. He does not think on Himself but thinks on others. But love means suffering long with the Beloved and being kind.

The Beloved is a pain to live with. The Bible says God is love.

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And without humility there is no love. Humility is the precursor for love.

"The Glories of Calvary" by Steve and Vicki Cook (Sovereign Grace)

How about obedience? Obedience cuts across our personal comfort. At some point, it will be personally inconvenient to obey the one to whom obedience is due. Jesus was obedient to the point of death.

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  • No humility, no obedience. How about faith? If I am thinking on myself and my wisdom and abilities, I am not going to depend on someone else. Without humility there is no faith.

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    • Learning requires humility. If I think I know it all, I am not going to listen to someone who I consider beneath me. What can he show me? Humility says, I know some but not all. A wise man is humble and keeps learning. Without humility there is no learning. Think about any good character trait.

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      The basis for that trait is humility. It is the source of every good thing. And God is good because He is humble. That is what it means to be God.

      Chap. 78 - Calvary • Revival Seminars

      If you reverse it, you find that every evil thing comes from pride and arrogance, which is thinking more of myself than is warranted. Arrogance means only I am important, and I can be indifferent to those around me. I can be brutal. I will be ignorant, because no one can teach me anything. I will be disobedient, unloving, undependable and incapable of keeping a relationship together.

      This is really like the devil. He is not humble; he thinks only of himself.

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      He would not and could not disregard himself to serve someone else. He only wants to serve himself, and he wants everyone else to serve him too. It leads to every wicked thing. God shows us through Jesus that humility leads to every good thing. Humility is worthy of glory and honor. So, to get back to Christopher, he is actually right in being disgusted at a being who is bent on self-glory.

      But he is angry at the wrong person.

      Everything he despises, God despises too. Christopher attributed the pride of the devil to God and ignored Jesus, who serves and blesses the world. What had Jesus said to do? He had told them to wait. That was their first mission apart from the risen Savior.

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      He had sent them out before, but they knew they would be returning to Him. Not this time. Jesus told them to wait. We CAN imagine it would not have been good. Home About Us. Nov College Ministry. Dec 1. Evening Prayer Service.