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Even in the moments when they are at odds, or apart, Heath and Raven often come together in visions and dreams. These sequences, which could be seen as either dreams or the fated meetings between two connected souls are very likable, well-written, and dramatic. The book, however, is far from perfect.

Raven and Heath are both prideful and high-spirited, and have a stormy relationship, with lots of hating and loving and longing and hating and wanting and hating. They are both liable to fly off the handle at the slightest provocation, and at times I wanted to knock their heads together — especially when Raven puts herself in great danger for no reason except because Heath told her not to.

Remind me not to read her book. Finally, throughout this book Raven gets some very strange advice.

You will own him body and soul, and he will be unable to deny you nothing. In moments like those, I felt I had no sympathy or rapport with these characters. Grading this book was difficult — for me it was a borderline B.

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The Border Hostage is engrossing, romantic, and problematical. Stephanie Hare recently wrote about the chilling implications of facial recognition software that has been deployed at airports, shopping centers and even conferences to tighten security. She explained how most people are unaware about the fact that their scanned faces are probably being matched against police watch lists or used to train machine-learning algorithms which monitor people.


This week we reflect on the growing surveillance in Europe with articles from our latest magazine. With refugees attempting to cross borders and enter Europe, facial recognition software has been extensively used for border security. But Nicole says the EU must implement clearer, more transparent processes for evaluating where and for what purposes these technologies can be used. Rupert Riddle analyzes the failures of facial recognition software with respect to racial and ethnic profiling. Hanna Johnson explains the role Europe can play in harnessing the transformative power of technology for public services.

New video footage reveals suspect in Edmonton border service hostage situation

What demanding the White House "secure the border" does is it makes the necessary beginning point of any negotiation impossible to achieve, therefore ensuring that the immigration-reform process cannot go forward. As long as there's anyone coming over the border, restrictionists can claim the border hasn't been secured and refuse to negotiate. The debate over immigration and crime has already departed from the realm of facts; there's no reason for the debate over border security to be any different.

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