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31 One-Pot Recipes

The culinary and creative minds behind Eleven Madison Park plus legendary mixologist Leo Robitschek come together once more for The NoMad Cookbook , a collection of recipes from the beloved New York City hotel restaurant. Sea Urchin Guacamole Tacos.

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This taco was born out of a shared opinion among my cooks and friends that a tortilla is as worthy of precious ingredients as any piece of Raynaud china. When I thought about making a sea urchin taco, I knew that working it into guacamole would magnify the briny sweetness the spiky creature is known for — the fat in an avocado can help stretch and carry flavors just like a knob of butter.

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Peeping Mushroom Pasta. Creamy sauce and earthy mushrooms is a tried and tested combination that never fails. Replace boring button mushrooms with some exotic Asian mushrooms and the recipe gets an instant face-lift; pair them with lots of bubbling cheese and you are on to a winner. Even though my restaurant Talde is far from an omelet-your-way kind of joint, I knew toast had to make an appearance on the brunch menu.

So why not in ramen, my favorite breakfast food? And boom, a new staple was born: perfectly chewy noodles doused in a broth infused with the flavor of buttered toast. Bacon and soft-boiled egg are the obvious extras. Ukranian Garlic Bread. I have used wild garlic and its flowers. Nashville-Style Hot Chicken. And apologies to Ms. Bell peppers are one of those things that people love to throw on the grill, but they usually end up as part of some skewer.

And if all the stuff is pressed together tightly on that skewer, the inner part of the pepper might not get cooked through by the time the steak on there hits medium. So I decided to do pepper on the grill a little bit differently. Filipino Beef Jerky Skewers. If you want to be super-extra authentic, you can track down some Filipino-style fish sauce, known as patis, for this recipe.

Otherwise, use what you can get your hands on nam pla, colatura , etc. Enjoy this delicious list of healthy vegan recipes that will not only wow non-vegans, they will impress the meat eaters in your life!

While these are my top 20, I have hundreds of amazing vegan recipes here on my blog. Some other honorable mentions that non-vegans love are:. Hey, Brandi!

Here Are The Recipes You Should Try In 2018

A link at the top would be SO awesome. Thanks and you rock!! Hi Laurie! You are the first person to ever ask that, lol! But I will see how to look into getting that added, because I have no idea currently, but will find out. I DO read your posts … but I go back to the recipes over and over, and scrolling down to the recipe is seriously making me crazy.


Also, I do wonder if others feel similarly about another issue — I would DEARLY love it if your photos were smaller, so that a full photo could be viewed at once on a standard inch laptop screen. Definitely not expecting you to do extra work for me! Just letting you know these two things that bum me out every time I visit your site, which is often!! Am so happy to see this list and will be making one or two of these every week to test and then make for non-vegan guests and family. You are totally unbelievable and so are your recipes! I just made a different baked beans recipe last week and had to throw it all away as neither my husband or myself would eat it!

Big thank you for all that you do and please KNOW that you are so0ooo appreciated! I am putting you on my prayer list so that I pray for you and your family daily. God bless you in abundance Mary Jean. Nice to see you again! Daryl, YES — it is me — one and the same Still anxiously waiting for that cookbook!!!!

Just spotted you on here. Thank you so much Mary Jean! If you are on Instagram, be sure to tag me thevegan8, I would love to see the pic! Thank you very much for your kind words, they are very appreciated! Hi Brandy. So, I just wanted to put in my 2 cents. You are always so kind Daryl, thank you! Sorry Brandi, that I misspelled your name in my comment up above…. Not really…. I know how conscientious you are about your recipes, and how much work and diligence that entails, above and beyond the call of duty. I feel confident that I can speak for everybody here when I say that we are all sooooo proud of you and excited!!!

I KNOW this success will mean even MORE people than ever will be touched, positively and healthfully, by your revolutionary and healthy recipes, and I have a very strong feeling that you are probably more excited about THAT than anything else. Keep up the good work I know you will! You continue to amaze and inspire us and make the world a healthier place!! Hi Robin! With that said, I was hoping you could come up with a hard italian bread for my husband who loves his bread and peppers.

Thanks Maryann P. It looks fairly easy as well.

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I did the same thing and this Jan. Daryl, you go down in history as my longest commenter ever, hahaha! Thank you for your kind words!! I apologize for always being so long-winded. I have a 5,word dissertation! Well, OK honey lamb, I withdraw my apology well, sort of….. Thank you so much for your kind words Maryann! So very happy to hear you are enjoying my recipes and your family are having such success, that is amazing news! I will add the bread to my list!

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  7. Thank you! Thanks so much!!! Since it was just me eating it, I was able to portion it out into freezer containers and get several meals out of it.

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    5. It's so simple. You marinate cherry tomatoes in olive oil for a few hours, cook and drain angel hair pasta, then mix in the olive oil, tomatoes, fresh Parm, and seasoning. It's pretty much the easiest thing ever — and it's always a massive hit. Find the recipe here.

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      No cinnamon roll has ever tasted as good as these ones. If heaven were on a plate, it would be this one. The kicker? They wouldn't touch it so I had it all to myself, lol. And it was delicious from beginning to end! I tweaked the recipe a bit: Instead of bacon, I used roasted butternut squash.