Two Beginnings

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I have an associate, Lauren, who grew up in a small city in Ohio, the daughter of the quintessential and once ubiquitous small town general practitioner attorney. That, of course, firmly fixed the thought of being a lawyer firmly in her mind. Maybe all I need to explain — and all you need to know — about Blount County and the nearby city of Maryville is that the town of Alcoa is exactly 2.

Chapter Two, Beginnings

The results since the late s are obvious and show in every storefront in downtown Maryville. At least, not that I, my family, or anyone I knew could attest to. That did not apply to my childhood. I doubt it applies to anyone of Scots-Irish descent, particularly those who inhabit the same hills, dales, hollers, of the ancestors who flooded in to America and the mountains of North Carolina during the rebellions and civil wars of the late 17 th and early 18 th Centuries and had only managed to move a few hundred miles west since.

In the grave, maybe.

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My family lived in a single-wide trailer by the cliched but very real railroad tracks. We had plenty of company. I had a troubled, perhaps very troubled, upbringing — for various reasons. How troubled, looking back from a very safe distance, varies according to when I choose — by accident or design — to think about it.

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My mother wanted to be a nurse. That hope started to fade when she became pregnant with me when she was sixteen and still in high school. Then, her brother was shot dead on their front steps. She had to raise her younger brother. Then I came along and she got to take care of me as well.

The Favorite Poem Project: Adam Sweeting reads Emily Dickinson

Mom never did get to nursing school, but she did take several college classes, earned her certificate in medical coding and settled into a career as a medical office administrator. Dad was exactly that steelworker so out of date yet currently in the news every day, bitter and embattled long before Trump discovered his sub-species. Aside helping him with anything mechanical, after about age 10 we did not get along — an understatement, but enough for now.

Most of all our relationship felt like we were in a years long competition for some unknown prize until the day I left for college. Author: C. Add to Cart. Have an Access Token? Enter your access token to activate and access content online.

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Restricted Access. Related Content. Editor: Frank A. Peter Martyr Vermigli was one of the early members of the abortive Italian reform movement as well as one of the formative shapers of Reformed Protestantism. Through its focus on Vermigli, these essays illuminate new dimensions to the various Reformations in sixteenth-century Europe, both Catholic and Protestant. Vermigli's work is considered under three rubrics: his relationship to other Reformers, an analysis of his more provocative theological ideas and his contributions to church reform.

Summer Has Two Beginnings

Particularly notable is the breadth of his interests, which ranged from his view of women, prophecy and papal power, to the early church fathers and his revision of ecclesiastical laws in the Church of England. Each of these depicts a vital aspect of Vermigli's contribution to the European Reformations. Lillback, Joseph C. McLelland, Douglas H.