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Teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, Stan pushes on relentlessly to extricate himself and his family from certain doom. Sex, greed and a lust for power drive this most extraordinary novel to a stunning conclusion. Dallas Observer - Thursday, July 30, William Manchee could be Dallas answer to John Grisham. Manchee, an author who has maintained a private law firm in Dallas since , recently published Brash Endeavor, a page-turning tale of a small-time lawyer in over his head with some big time clients.

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Just like Grisham's books, the protagonist apppears to be a thinly veiledversion of Manchee. The novel follows Stan Turner--the character that Manchee introduced in the well-received Undaunted as he moves to Dallas to open up his own law practice and becomes involved with an insurance scam that ends up with his wife being falsely accused of murder.

It sounds like just the kind of potboiler that Grisham is know for. Let's just hope Manchee doesn't option any of his books to movie producers. Reviewed by: molly martin. Stan Turner and his wife Rebekah are unaware exactly how their lives are about to change when Stan determines to open his own law practice. Things are looking up. An offer for a percentage in an oil well rather than a fee for work performed is viewed by Stan as a method for insuring a good steady income.


When Stan and the nubile wife of a client are found in a clinch out at the 'coming in' party held at the newly opened well Rebekah is sure her suspicions are well founded. My favorite type of book, good solid writing filled with believable characters and situations, no graphic sex thrown in just to sell the book or to try to cover up lack of writing skill, no silly posturing, this is just a good, well written book. We who enjoy thrillers can only hope writer Manchee is hard at work on the next in the series and that many more Stan Turner novels are soon forthcoming.

Very perceptive and highly recommended. The light of first dawn inundated our bedroom waking me from a troubled slumber. In all the turmoil of the previous evening I had neglected to set the alarm. For some strange reason, neither the boys nor the baby had yet awakened.

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They must have sensed Rebekah's need to sleep. I looked at the digital display and saw it was so I rolled out of bed and started doing some stretching exercises. From the other room I heard Reggie talking to his younger brothers, Peter and Mark. After a minute they must of heard me moving around as they came running into our bedroom. You guys sure slept late. You must be hungry? Rebekah sat up and looked at us curiously. The kids must be starving. Maybe I'll even give you breakfast in bed. How would you like that? Not after Sheila died. That wasn't a dream, was it? I'm afraid it wasn't. I went over to her, sat on the bed next to her and took her limp hand in mine.

I'll call you when breakfast is ready. It's probably not a good idea for you to lie around worrying about what happened last night. Come on, I'll help you get dressed. I looked into her dispirited eyes and wondered if she'd ever recover from the horror of the previous night. After pulling off her nightgown I managed to get some shorts and a T-shirt on her. Then I brought her into the kitchen and made her and the kids breakfast.

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After Rebekah had consumed a couple of cups of coffee she seemed more alert. I don't think you should drive today. You'll have your hands full with Peter and Marcia. I looked at Rebekah and said, "Who could that be? Is your wife home?

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What's going on? You can't be serious. Now step aside and let us do our job. They immediately started searching the house for Rebekah. Reggie and Mark starred in shock as they ran by.

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    How It Works. Pub Date 12 Dec This title was previously available on NetGalley and is now archived. Top Publications. Talking about this book?

    Be sure to tag it using Undaunted NetGalley. Description Undaunted, volume one of the Stan Turner Mysteries, is the story of Stan Turner's childhood and how he becomes an attorney. Read More Read More. Advance Praise. Links William Manchee's Website.

    Second Chair (Stan Turner, #3) by William Manchee

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