Verliebt in Nizza - eine Liebe mit Komplikationen (German Edition)

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Vegeta's Constant by TouchOfRomance reviews Vegeta is angry and frustrated after training, and doesn't know what to do with himself. Maybe Bulma can help him..? Motivation by Miss AbbyM reviews A certain blue-haired genius providing some motivation for her grouchy lover. Lemon alert! Not for kiddies, sorry! Ms X by Blade Redwind reviews He wasn't opposed to being happy. If only half the women he'd been set up with were acceptable. How was it a certain brunette's half-cocked scheme worked in his favor?

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And a few times before and after that. MILD M rating. But will something happen, or will they both ignore their feelings? But Bulma finds out that a dress isn't the only way I think I was ghost-writing that day 'cuz this was not a planned story. Somewhere in Time by kaihil lover reviews An unwanted visit to an old coffee shop reunites two old friends and leads them to set their past mistakes right. It's true what they say absence really makes the hearts grow fonder. Will he give her what she needs or leave her hot and bothered? A Strange Love, This Is by writer4sho reviews Sometimes love isn't all about sweet kisses and soft caresses.

Sometimes there's blind hatred and fights. Arguments and curses. Love is complicated. Slight Lemon. Shades of Green, Tints of Black by dragongoddess13 reviews He was the darkness that made her life more interesting. She was the light that kept him honest. They complimented each other, they changed each other. But more importantly, they loved each other. Sakura Haruno.

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Prescription: rough, passionate, animalistic, all night sex with her. Butterfly by maia. Luckily she has a knight in shining armour, but it's not really a knight she was expecting. How will she reward his courage? Lemony goodness. Wanting More by gnrkrystle reviews Draco and Hermione have been giving into desire for months, but do they want more? Short, Lemons, One-shot. Grey and Brown by writer4sho reviews There's something disgustingly beautiful about two colours. The colours that don't seem to match at all, but find a way of fitting each other just right.

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But it is now finally out. Read and review! Strings by Moonlight Serenity reviews During the first trip to the beach of the season, Kai becomes preoccupied when he realizes the only thing keeping Hiromi modest are a few loosely tied strings. Valentie's Day Surprises by babyvfan reviews It's Valentine's Day and Musa was really looking forward to it, but learned Riven doesn't seem to care about it. Will she be alone for the holidays or get a huge surprise. Funny bit of fluff I wrote for Valentine's Day. AU one shot. A short, delicious lemon.

Based on the book. Zutara and sheer goofiness with a section of.

I think it's lemon. I never found out the proper definition. Shower Cutie by 1Lightstar1 reviews one-shot. Kevin "accidently" sees Gwen taking a shower. Is it so bad that he wants to see her again?


It makes things a little uncomfortable until an accommodation is reached. Lemons all the way, folks. Also AU. Also has no plot to speak of. But this time he didn't blow anything up. Instead Hermione and Draco are stuck together. Can they keep from killing each other or can they actually be civil? And what happens when they are once again free?

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This's simple. Good, now look at the couple. Good, now read the title. Understand the permise?